2015 Mustang IRS Assembly OEM 3.15 Diff


  • Item #: OEMIRS3.15
  • Manufacturer: Ford Performance


New Take Out 2015 Ford Mustang Independent Rear Suspension Assembly.  Less than 100 miles on it.  It is in perfect condition, but will need the fluid level checked to ensure it is at proper fill level.  This unit has an IRON DIFF CASE.  It has 3.15 gears.  The iron differential is from a GT to handle the power.  The subframe and arms are interchangeable with GT, V6, and Ecoboost.

This unit is perfect for installing new technology into an old kit car.  The unit is pretty much self-contained like the older Cobra IRS units, but this is a much better unit.  Approximate measurements are listed below…

Hub-To-Hub Spacing:  66-1/4”

Rear Bushing Spacing:   37-3/4”

Front Bushing Spacing:  40-1/2”

Front-To-Rear Bushing Spacing:  20”

This unit is sold as-is without warranty.  It is fresh and new, but does not come with a warranty.  This also does have some light scratches and scrapes on it from being transported and it looks like it may have been dragged on the pallet or floor.  It is a very nice piece, but we do not want to have any issues regarding scrapes or scratches.
Shipping will be via truck freight.  Plan to spend between $200-$300 for shipping.  Please contact us before placing your order, to get a shipping quote!