$16,495.00 $14,995.00

  • Item #: M-6007-A50XS
  • Manufacturer: Ford Performance


Ford Racing has taken the technology and hardware developed for the Mustang Cobra Jet Drag Racing car and created the ultimate 5.0L crate engine.  With a rating of 500 horsepower, the new Aluminator XS is the most powerful naturally aspirated modular crate engine ever built by Ford Racing. Every Aluminator is hand assembled by the same technicians that build the Mustang Cobra Jet drag racing engines.  Premium aftermarket components are used to ensure durability like Manley connecting rods with ARP rod bolts and Mahle® forged pistons.  Unique components developed specifically for the Cobra Jet racing program are used including the billet gerotor oil pump, CJ short runner-high RPM intake manifold, 1517 CFM dual 65mm CJ Throttle Body, Competition High RPM pulse ring and 12 quart competition oil pan.  Ford Racing Engineers developed a balanced combination of high end 500 horsepower and strong mid-range torque with the CJ short runner-high RPM intake manifold, 13MM camshafts and fully CNC ported BOSS 302 cylinder heads.

  • Fits: 2011-2014 Mustang GT
  • 500+ Horsepower
  • 5.0L – 302 cubic inches
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio
  • Mahle hard anodized forged pistons with Graphal low friction coating
  • Manley H-beam connecting rods with ARP2000 bolts
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder block features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength
  • Ford Racing Camshafts
    • M-6550-M50BINT intake camshaft – 13mm lift / 263 degrees duration
    • M-6550-M50BEXH exhaust camshaft – 13mm lift / 290 degrees duration
  • Ford Racing M-6675-M50BR 12 quart rear sump oil pan features optimized oil drainback and windage tray to control oil and improve high-rpm performance
  • Ford Racing M-6600-50CJ High Performance billet steel oil pump
  • Ford Racing M-9424-M50CJ Cobra Jet tuned intake (pre-production intake manifold shown)
  • Ford Racing M-9926-CJ65 throttle body
  • Ford Racing  M-9593-LU47 47 lb. fuel injectors
  • Four-valve-per-cylinder BOSS fully CNC ported aluminum heads
  • Roller-finger camshaft followers
  • Ford Racing M-6513-M50BR Boss valve springs
  • Ford Racing M-12A227-CJ13 high RPM pulse ring
  • Ford Racing M-6P067-M50B blue coil covers
  • Ford Racing M-12405-M50 heat range zero (0) spark
  • Ford Racing M-6731-FL820 oil filter
  • Alternator kit M-8600-M50BALT
  • Includes production Boss 302 crankshaft damper
  • Headers not included
  • Assembly plant lift brackets not included
  • Premium fuel only!

NOTE: Custom PCM calibration required when installing M-6007-A50XS crate engine