S550 KohR Carbon Fiber Race Hood

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KohR Motorsports Design!

Decreased weight + Increased down force

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S550 KohR Carbon Fiber Race Hood


We are proud to introduce the new KohR Motorsports designed hood for 2015+ S550 Mustangs! (Does not fit GT350)

The KohR Motorsports S550 hoods come in 3 different variations, Race (Full carbon fiber, no drip trays, no screens), Carbon Fiber Street (Carbon outer, fiberglass inner & removable drip trays), and Fiberglass Street (all fiberglass with removable drip trays and screens)


The “Race” hood is a full carbon fiber hood, and is the ultimate in weight savings as well as functionality.  Due to this hood being purpose built for race/track cars, there are no provisions for the drip trays or the metal screens in order to cut down on weight & complexity.  The hood is constructed from double sided wet carbon fiber with a UV resistant resin, giving you not only a great look but a very durable finish!

A stock hood weighs 30lbs. Our glass hood weighs 27lbs and our carbon fiber race hood weighs 20lbs with the shields in. Our hood also increases front down force.